Apritone 100% 10ml

6,54 €

Puuviljane, soe, mahlane, troopiline, aprikoosi lõhna komponent.

Tootja Bedoukian: Tenacious, ripe fleshy apricot with peach and jasmine undertones. Sugary. Reminiscent of cooked fruit.  Extremely long lasting. A rare fruity & natural character of ripe fleshy apricot. Excellent in fruity complexes for skin care and fine fragrances.

Üks parfümeer kirjutab: Exquisite, sensuous and divinely elegant, Apritone with its distinctive apricot character and noble rosy and green nuances can be used alone (yes is that good) or in combination with other apricot notes. It has a lasting effect as a modifier of powerful basenote materials and is lovely stuff, fruity but with floral and green qualities also.

Siinjuures tuleb mainida, et tegu on ühekomponentse lõhnaainega, mitte lõhnaainete seguga.

Püsib testpaberil kaua: 216h.

Hindamiseks on mõistlik teha lahjendus 3-15% baasõlis või etanoolis.

CAS: 68133-79-9